1. Battle name , the name of the city that is under attack
  2. The Number of current round
  3.  Attacker country
  4. Defender country
  5. Remaining time of current round
  6. Damages percentage
  7. Top attacker players
  8. Top defender players
  9. tactical map of each region

Tactical map of region :

each battles round has a tactical map

  1. Air Forces bases
  2. Tanks bases
  3. Human force bases

Each Battle includes at least 5 rounds .

Battle starts from area B , if attackers won the first round battle will continue on area G , then F if they win the next round  and like this until they capture all defenders areas  ,  and if defenders won the first round it goes to area A , then C if they win the next round  and like this until they capture all of defenders areas . the winner is the country that capture all bases of enemy .

if air forces bases of each country captured by other side ( means area F , C ) that country cannot use air forces any more , and if they push back the enemy from the air forces base they can use air forces again .

and if area 2 of each country captured by other side, then they cannot use their tanks .

if area 3 captured by other side , the Battle is over .


you can see the details of bottom part of battle page on this picture .

on the middle you there are your available weapons for this troop and number of limits . on the right part there are the fire buttons , by clicking on these buttons can deal damage to enemy . you have 10 limits for each weapon all over the battle ( remember you have 10 limits for all over the battle not a single round )

the top attacker and top defender will awarded with medal and CC .

you will lose your 0 - 5 soldiers per single fire based on your chance to survive .

chance to survive depends on your soldiers equipment and kind of your troops , it goes higher if you equipped fully all your your soldiers .

Lost units :


After each hit you will see the above picture , it  shows you your damage done , number of lost units , and your base support .

you will lose some of your troops according to the chance to survive after each hit .

at the end of the battle if the country that you fighting for won the battle your remaining troops will turn back to your camps but if your side lost , your remaining troops will destroy , if you have been fought for both side , your troops that they have been fought for the loser country will destroy and they wont come back home .