summary of the army


Go to  menu bar > infantry units

 ( or what ever troops you want , no difference between them to prepare for battle )

in this page you have a summary of your army .

click on the arrow , there is on the bottom of unit , you can see your equipments there and 2 numbers, the left one is number of your equipped soldiers , the right one is the number of your soldiers you have .

Train troops :

Your army

On the left in-page menu choose > Hire soldiers

the mark of each soldier , write number of soldiers that you want to train then click on train button . it takes some time to create each soldiers for example 45 seconds for each Ranger soldier ( soldier #1 )

there is a timer on the top of each soldier that shows the training process , also the number on right side of timer shows the number of soldiers remaining to train . the number on the top corner of each soldier is shows the number of soldiers you have now and can send them to battle .

all of soldiers , tanks , helicopters and jet fighters require CC ( Cvl Coin / ingame currency ) to create .